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Thread: Need help finding track presets in cubase 5

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    Default Need help finding track presets in cubase 5

    hey guys,
    i've posted this problem over at and no one has had any luck helping me so i thought i'd try here.
    I have created several track presets that i have saved. I can recall them in Cubase's load track preset menu, but i cannot find where they are stored on my computer. This is becoming a problem as my list of track presets has become huge and it is taking quite a while to sort through them.
    i've looked in media bay, rescanned all my folders, searched the computer for the actual file names etc...and they do not show up anywhere! i'm thinking that somehow my cubase 5 is not saving my track presets in the normal way. here is a link to the thread at so you can see what all i've tried already: .:::. View topic - How do you delete track presets?

    i've tried all of the suggestions made in this thread and have had no success.
    your help is greatly appreciated.

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    here is the link again to my original post at

    it looks like it didn't show up the first time.

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    so you even logged in as administrator, and..... if you could look in the folder, I guess it wasn't hidden, but that administrator folder is generally hidden until you 'un hide' it............ and you are saying there are no presets at all in the Steinberg folder? Thats where all my presets are.

    Maybe there is another hidden folder that they are in, but Cubase..... at least my 3.1 version always puts them there. I don't think your searches will find anything in a hidden folder.

    Good luck.
    -Paul Cubase 7.5 | Windows 7 Pro 64bit | i7 3770k 4.1GHz | 3 PC slave computers, various older config. | Fireface 800 | RME 9652 audio cards

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    Elvis Christ. That is a fantastic name. I wish I'd thought of that.
    Nuendo 4.2.2 on Win XP SP3
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    If you are able to find the preset in media bay, you can then right-click on it and choose "show in explorer".

    Also, have you tried searching the whole system with wildcard *.trackpreset?


    Bostjan Pirnar

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    I have not been able to find the presets in media bay.
    I have made certain that my folders are unhidden.
    When i do a search on *.trackpreset all i get are the factory presets...none of mine show up.
    I've looked in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Steinberg\Track Presets\Audio and there is absolutely nothing in those folders.
    The factory presets are in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5\Track Presets\ but none of my own show up there.
    In mediabay, the only thing that shows up are the factory presets...and yes, i have resecanned my folders.
    I am at a loss....any ideas?

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    there is a section in the Operation Manual called "Where are the settings stored?", it tells you where the settings/preferences/presets are stored.

    My custom made user presets are stored in the following directory:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Jean\Application Data\Steinberg\Track Presets

    'Jean' is my user name, type in yours instead.

    in there you'll find folders for the Audio, midi, Instruments, etc...

    Just looked at your Cubase net thread.

    Question: What are the other users under C:\Documents and Settings, besides Administrator? you could try replacing 'Jean' above with one of the other users.

    To find the presets using Windows search function, having hidden folders visible DOES NOT mean windows will search in them.

    here's how to search for them:
    Search for "All files and folders"
    file name: *.trackpreset
    Look in: "Local Disk (C:)
    chose 'More advanced options' and tick 'Search hidden files and folders' (the other options leave as default)

    then search and you'll find them buggers! :)

    Hovannes (Jean) ISMIRLIAN

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    i've tried the exact search you describe and had no results. i can find the factory presets with this search, but my user presets do not show up.
    my factory presets are in this folder:
    C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5\Track Presets\

    this seems to be the location on my computer for track presets, but none of the presets i've created show up here.

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    how did you create your presets (the procedure)?

    are you saving via the inspector or creating via right-clicking the track?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruel angel View Post
    how did you create your presets (the procedure)?

    are you saving via the inspector or creating via right-clicking the track?
    in the load preset (the little box above where the inserts are) there is an option to save as track preset. i have successfully saved many track presets here and have had no trouble recalling them.
    is there a better or different way? if so, let me know...i will give it a shot. maybe this will work.


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